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You have decided to move. This is a big decision, but an even bigger job. When you have a household of people and all of your earthly belongings have to be packed sometimes the best choice is to hire a full service moving company and let them handle all of the details and labor for you. After collecting moving estimates to find the perfect full service moving company you are now ready for the big day. But what are you actually paying for with a full service moving company? What was included on the moving estimates you compiled and reviewed?

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Packing. If you decided to spend the extra money and it was included on the moving estimates in that you gathered then the full service moving company will handle all of your packing. They should provide all packing supplies necessary, but make sure that this is listed on the moving estimates that you got. Otherwise you may be in for an unpleasant surprise when they arrive to begin the packing. The full service company will ensure that all of your belongings are wrapped and packed safely so that they will not be damaged in the move.

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Loading. After they have packed all of your stuff a full service movers moving company will load your belongings into a truck. You will notice on the moving estimates that loading and unloading the truck is one of the most costly items. This is because of the time and effort that it takes to not only get your belongings out of your house safely without breaking them, but also to pack them all into the truck and ensure that they fit properly and travel securely without receiving any damage.

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A full service moving company will drive your belongings to your new home. Whether it's across town or across the country local movers pay for the gas and handle the transport. Double check your moving estimates to make sure that the cost of the drive is included and that this is not an additional hourly charge. Sometimes your belongings will take several days to arrive at your new home so the moving company will also take responsibility for your items while they are in their possession. This is why it is critical to ensure that any moving company that you hire has the proper insurance in place. This should be included on your moving estimates.
Unloading. Once your belongings have arrived at your new house the movers will take care of the unloading and putting your items where you would like them in your new home. They will check all items as they come off the removal service to make sure that they have not been broken or damaged. Be sure that this is included on your moving estimates you compile.

Unpacking. Once again if you paid for this service to be included when you gathered moving estimates, then they will unpack all of you belongings. Everything will be put into the drawers, closets and cupboards, leaving you completely settled in when the moving company leaves.
By collecting moving estimates comparing professional moving companies you can decide whether to pay the extra cost. Keep in mind that by choosing a full service moving company your move can go from a large unmanageable task, to one that is a distant memory.

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